Carlow Volunteer Centre Recognition Awards 2021

Podcast with Catherine Horan from Cath & Co with Sinéad Kirwan, Carlow Volunteer Centre

Create upcycled cards with Nancy

Nancy Parnis is a Volunteer Card Maker for Meals on Wheels at St Catherine’s Community Centre Carlow. Nancy contacted Carlow Volunteer Centre at the start of the pandemic when her face painting business had to close and she has since volunteered with Meals on Wheels making a variety of different greeting cards .She has shared how to make upcycled greeting cards by video. Thank you Nancy, the cards are fantastic and have brought joy to a great number of recipients over the past year.

"In Carlow Volunteer Centre we are passionate about volunteering and Carlow County is a great place to volunteer. Volunteering enriches communities, gives volunteers an opportunity to develop personally, and puts giving at the heart of how we all live.”