Unum Volunteers Return to Hacketstown

Unum Volunteers Return to Hacketstown

A group of seven volunteers from Unum went to St. John's Caring Centre in Hacketstown on Friday, February 25th to carry out some painting work in both the kitchen and the entrance hall, and were warmly welcomed by the staff.

"When we arrived we were met with open arms, Sheila Whelan (Manager) and her team who are absolutely amazing, were so happy and grateful to see us. Their generosity was also incredible, and they cooked for us all day despite our futile resistance, beautiful food too. To be honest I think we got more out of it than they did with full bellies all around. As we worked through the day we chatted to their team and it was clear to see that what they do makes a big difference, the passion they showed through their stories of the people that visit each week and of others who had used the service in times gone by but have now sadly passed. They love what they do, and it’s easy to see why.

For the Unum team we were delighted to be able to contribute in a small way and for a short time be part of what they do." - Terence Haughney, Unum.


Unum Volunteers "Feel 10Feet Tall"

It was a busy couple of months in the world of Corporate Volunteering for Unum employees. In October and November, several members of Unum's staff undertook volunteering projects in the county of Carlow. Carlow Volunteer Centre were delighted to be to connect them with local organisations. The Unum volunteers undertook projects in Carlow Educate Together National School, in Bethany House and in St. John's Caring Centre in Hacketstown. Staff here were delighted to see the volunteers arrive and were very appreciative that Unum generously supplied all paints and materials.

Feedback from both the organisations and the volunteers themselves was extremely positive. Lynn Ellingworth, who volunteered in St. John's Caring Centre, enthused how brilliant the experience was, and how doing something to help the community made them all feel "10feet tall".